Yeah, whaddya want? (in goblin voice)

I’ve decided to just start the blog instead of making it all pretty first or thinking up a clever opener.  If you’re here this early, you know me a little bit, probably from Twitter.


I hope to post fairly often. To start the action, I’ll be porting my daily tweet recap here.  Twitter is where I do my “social networking”; I have a Facebook page but I’m not going to suggest you experience the Axis of Hyperidentity any more than one must to get by online.

(The Axis of *what*? I think most of you will understand what I mean; if not, I’ll probably post about it sometime when I’m annoyed with it.)

I wanted a blog because people can read it without dealing with the Axis, if they wish, but mostly because I can talk all I want.

Sometimes I talk a LOT.

Comments are currently enabled.  If things become unpleasant, I will not hesitate to turn them off.  If I wanted to moderate a forum, I’d start one.

But most of you are not that sort.  And you are welcome.  This is my place!  Grab something to drink and we’ll flop on the couch and watch some Whedon shows, or Fringe or Supernatural, or enjoy something else we’re both fans of; or we’ll talk about writing, or World of Warcraft; or you can browse my tweet recaps and marvel at the mosaic of verbal snapshots and its delicious defiance of context.

Slainte! *clinks glasses*


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