Beginning the climb

I *thought* I was porting my Twitter feed over here, but apparently Twittinesis hasn’t been coming through for me.  So sorry.

I can’t and won’t let this be one of those blogs with one post that is never returned to, so here I am with Post Two.

This month I’m taking part in WriSoMiFu. It stands for Write Something, You Miserable Fuck; it’s for those of us who are realistic about our chances of completing NaNoWriMo, at least at this time, and have set the goal of writing for ten minutes every day.  The writing can be anything, including this blog post.

I’ve done my writing each day for three days now.  Last night’s was scrawled in longhand in a darkened bar, 108 words on what the hypnotist/magician on stage was doing.  The performer is a friend of a friend, I had been asked to come to the show, and I had forgotten I hadn’t done my writing until I sat down at a table – at 11:15 PM.

The hypnotist had four people up on stage and the things he was getting them to do were amazing.  Most of the audience was laughing, but I was confounded and perhaps a bit disturbed.  You see, I know it works, I know a little bit about how it works, and it’s a bit frightening to see how EASILY it works when it’s right in front of me.

So, anyway, I scrawled some impressions about that in my notebook.  I tried to post about it at WriSoMiFu, which is a LiveJournal-based community, but my phone would not cooperate.

That’s how determined I am to see this through this year.  Last year I did seventeen consecutive days before I started missing some.  That’s over half!  So I know I can do this.

Since I started using Twitter, I have hooked up online with several writers, a lot of whom live here in Portland, and it’s encouraging to see them writing and selling,  Yes, selling!  For the first time, I’m seeing ordinary people like me doing what I’ve wanted to do all my life, but had just about decided that I’d never find the motivation.  Slowly, that motivation has begun to creep in.  But it’s so slowly that I’m afraid I’ll lose it once again.

So last night, after the show, I approached the performer (his name is Reed McClintock) and asked if a session with him might break whatever dams the flow of my writing.  He is quite confident that it will.  We’ll be meeting in December for a session.

In the meantime, I write my little WriSos and post them like a good MiFu, and thereby develop the habit of writing regularly, which is important.

Go me.


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