My Charlie Brown Christmas

(UPDATE: They’ve responded ALREADY, and will credit my card. ❤ Amazon! Their reply is below.)

We all have them. Charlie Brown Christmases. This is shaping up to be one.

First, there is the spot in my eyeball distorting my vision, which I will detail in some other post after all tests have been done and I find out what it is and whether it has consequences.

Then there are the cookies I baked yesterday, which are edible this year, but only that. I remember the recipe on the Nestle's chip bag having tasted a lot better at one time. Is that just nostalgia glossing it over, or do my skillz really suck that badly?

And then there's today, so far.

This is the note I just winged toward Amazon's customer service:


The above order number refers to a complete mp3 album purchase. I had a great deal of trouble getting my player, Winamp, to add these files. When I finally accomplished this – by wiping everything in the entire library and re-adding the My Music folder – the files would not play; the player rapidly and continuously cycled through displaying their titles, but would not play them alone or as a playlist.

I went back and purchased the individual mp3s. These I had no problem adding to the library, though downloading them was a long process because I had to refresh the page they were on each and every time to get the download process to begin.

I have never encountered a problem like this with any service your site offers, and I have been a frequent and satisfied customer for many years. But this has been an intensely frustrating experience, especially given the unpleasantness inherent in the holiday season in general.

I would like to request that you refund the 9.99 I paid for the complete album download that did not work for me. You'll still have my payments for the same files, which, separately, add up to considerably more than the original purchase did, and I would not be getting anything for free.

I would like the 9.99 refunded to my method of payment. If this is not possible, I would like store credit. But I would prefer a direct refund.

I would also like to request that I receive no form letters or suggestions that I try another browser, mp3 player, operating system, or computer. This request is born of the various customer service experiences I have had online over the years, and does not reflect upon any customer service you have previously given me; yours has, to date, been excellent. I simply wish not to have any additional reason to scream and sob this fine Christmastide.

Thank you very much, and have a happy one of the holiday of your choice.

Amazon's reply (yayers!)


I'm sorry you had a problem with "A Music Box Christmas" purchased from the Amazon MP3 store.

Because of the circumstances, I've issued a refund for $9.99. This refund should go through within the next 2 to 3 business days and will apply to the payment method used for the original purchase.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


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