Sucker Punch and my gaming playlist

Saw Sucker Punch this weekend.  Most of it, anyway; I was late.  But what it is:

Video game!

This needs very badly to be a video game.  I mean, it IS.  LOOK at it.  If they make it a game, I will pre-order it.

I’ll say more about it if I decide to go see it from the beginning.  I don’t think it’ll win any awards, and it wasn’t anything like I was hoping for (which was The Matrix for chicks), but I think I could develop a soft spot for it. In the meantime, the soundtrack is killer, and I have incorporated most of it into the playlist I started for gaming.  

The playlist so far:

Bjork — Army of Me
Rage Against the Machine — Wake Up
Emiliana Torrini — White Rabbit
Pixies — Where Is My Mind?
Carla Azar — Tomorrow Never Knows
Rammstein — Du Hast
Skunk Anansie — Search and Destroy
Queen — I Want It All/We Will Rock You Mash-up


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