What? Blogging once more?

I need to blog.

I just…do.

It’s never been something I’ve kept up well, but I need a place to keep my words.

So I’ve removed the frivolous theme, which I liked quite a bit and may put up agan sometimes, and replaced it with a sort of rainy le-chat-noir sort of thing.

That’s what I have for reintroduction, because now that I’ve a laptop on my stomach in bed, the sleepiness that had eluded me is drifting in. Maybe every blog post will have this soporific effect on me, but then it probably would upon you as well. And we don’t want that, no.

So, signing off. I have to get up in three hours to give medicine to the cat; perhaps I’ll speak with you more at that time.


No Mental Conditions Allowed

Nobody is allowed to have a chronic mental condition.

Most importantly, nobody is allowed to accept that they have a chronic mental condition.

It doesn’t exist.  It exists, but is only temporary. It can be cured.  It could be cured, if you really wanted it to be. If you accept it, that means you don’t want to be cured.  You’re malingering.  You want sympathy. Don’t ever believe that there is something with no cure.  Everything has a cure.

You’re using the diagnosis to mask your real problem.  Your real problem is something you are doing.  There is nothing that can be amiss with you that is not really your fault.  It is something that you can stop at any time.  You won’t stop it because you don’t want to take charge of your own life.

Doctors always lie to you.  Doctors don’t want you to get better. They know the cure, but they’re keeping it from you. If you got better, there would never be anyone else to bother them.  You are the reason they are so very busy and overworked, and you are also the reason they are so very rich.  In fact, doctors are so rich from treating mental patients that they really don’t have to work at all.  They get personal satisfaction from coming to work every day and sitting in rooms with unhappy people and giving them drugs that they know will harm them.  Doctors are sadists.

You should never take drugs for a mental condition.  Taking drugs is copping out.  Doctors only give you drugs because they get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies.  You would rather be drugged than have real feelings.  You think drugs are the answer to everything. You should learn to cope without drugs.  You’re addicted to those drugs.  Of course you don’t think you’re addicted, addicts never think they’re addicted. If they don’t get you high, it’s because you take so many you don’t notice the high any more.  The drug isn’t really helping you.  It’s just masking your symptoms. If it were really helping you, you’d never have any symptoms.

You won’t try to cure your mental condition because of all the wonderful financial benefits you get from having it.  You’re taking up the benefits that people who are really sick should have instead.  You’re a drain on the system.  You’re committing insurance fraud.  You don’t want to work for a living.  If you do work for a living, you want to take sick time because of your condition instead of coming to work sick like all sick people should do.  You don’t want to do your fair share.  You want everyone to resent you.  You enjoy being resented.  But you also want everyone to be sorry for you.

You have to see a naturopath, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a hypnotist, a psychic, a personal trainer, a pastor, and a life skills coach before you ever see another doctor.  These people can cure you.  They can teach you to cure yourself.  It’s all in how you think about it.  You have to think positively.  You’re too negative.  You’re giving yourself these symptoms by being negative. You can think yourself well.

You have to escape the oppression of Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry is cooperating with the government to control your mind. They™ want you to be submissive.  They™ want you to be compliant.  They’re™ going to march us all away to labor camps where we’re going to work for Them™ until we die, and the only payment will be the drugs to which They™ have gotten you addicted for this purpose.  When you are unable to work anymore, They™ will switch the drugs for something that will kill you.

It’s a food allergy.  It’s something toxic in the water, the air, the soil.   It’s HAARP.  It’s coronal mass ejections from the sun.  It’s your cell phone.  It’s your cat’s litter box.  It’s the fluoride in your toothpaste.  There’s an earthquake coming.  A tick bit you. You ate cow brains.  You have an alien implant.  You are not right with God.  Someone has cursed you.


You cannot have a mental condition. You MAY NOT have a mental condition.  If you have one, then we have to accept that they exist and that anyone could have one. That we could have one someday. That we might have one now.  That someone in our life has one, and they might need help instead of recriminations. If you accept your condition as the reality of your life at this moment and learn skills that allow you to live with it, if you take medication and work with your doctor to find the right one in the right amount and change it when necessary, if you ever admit to its affecting your life just as any other medical condition might and learn to be easy on yourself – EASY ON YOURSELF? YOU LAZY BITCH! YOU LAZY BASTARD! – then we will have to admit that you are human, and then we’ll have to admit that we are human too. And we cannot accept that.

So we won’t accept that you have a mental condition. Because, really, it’s all about us, not you.

Lion cut at 2 months

The fur keeps getting longer (of course!). And she’s so soft.

Lion cut 2 months

I’m going to try to get a better pic, but this shows the length.

Lion Cut: 2 Weeks and 3 Weeks

I wish Maya would hold still for better pictures….

Here’s how she looked two weeks after the lion cut (June 11):

Lion cut 2 weeks

…and here at three weeks (June 17:)

Lion cut 3 weeks

It’s easier to tell the difference by feel than by look. She still doesn’t quite feel like a shorthair would, because she doesn’t have a full undercoat; it’s growing at the same rate as the visible fur. But she’s so much softer!

Her colors and markings are also showing much more. A lot of that color will be covered by black top fur when she’s finished growing out, so enjoy it now!

Lion Cut: Ten Days Later

Maya’s colors are beginning to come back:

Lion cut 10-day 1
(Sorry for the blur. She wasn’t in a modeling mood.)

This pic shows how short her fur still is. She’ll have more black later; we’re seeing the grey of her undercoat. A lot of her markings are due to variations on each hair, rather than the stripes on her skin.

Lion cut 10-day 2

Lion Cut: Week One

Here she is! It turned out a lot better than I was expecting.

Lion Cut Week 1

She feels fuzzy, like a stuffed toy.

The Lion Cut: Before

Maya is going to receive a lion cut in the morning. She will be shaved everywhere but her head, lower legs and tail.

I don’t want to have to do it because, as you can see in these pics, she is so pretty!


But she has become less and less tolerant of brushing and combing, and her fur mats more quickly than ever, all year round.


I can tell this summer will not be easy for either of us unless she has short manageable fur.


But she is so BEAUTIFUL! *sob*


She’s had one other lion cut, the first summer I had her, when I didn’t know what to do for mats. It should take about five months for her fur to grow back in. I’ll be posting pics here and on Twitter as it regrows. But I wanted everyone to know what she really looks like.